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Whilst we don’t want to be draconian with too many rules, we want each and every rider with HWB to be as safe as possible and not to take any unnecessary risks. We also want  the club to have a good reputation within the community for sensible and considerate cycling.
There aren’t many rules; the main ones are that we won’t allow anyone to ride with us without a suitable helmet and we currently ask that all riders are over 18 years old. We hope in the future to expand to include Junior members.
Things to remember on each ride for comfort and safety:
  • Helmet
  • Pump
  • Spare inner tube and tyre levers
  • Drink
  • Snack (a banana, chocolate etc. Haribos are great for the back pocket!).
  • Bike in good working order
Things to remember on the road:
We won’t ever leave anyone behind. If you’re struggling, just say. We’ll have a rider leading who knows the way and typically a rider bringing up the rear to ensure we stay together, and we’ll
re-group along the way if needed.
Poor weather won’t generally stop us, so long as it’s safe and practical to ride. Come prepared. 
We will generally try to avoid ‘A’ or major roads. This will also mean that we will cycle down some narrow country lanes. We all need to be considerate to other road users but also, if we are aware of a vehicle approaching, to let the other riders know. A shout of ‘car’ is usually sufficient. Don’t ever place yourself in any danger, and please follow the highway code. We would encourage you to read
‘A guide to group riding’ produced by British Cycling (it’s quite a short read, and useful stuff).
General stuff:
Any cancellations/changes to the route, timings etc., will be detailed in the Events calender. Please check in advance, especially if ice, fog or persistent rain is forecast.
You can bring your bike to the start by car if you’d like/need to. The car park at St. Mark’s is generally safe and secure.
Importantly, whilst we’ll always look out for each others’ safety, please also be responsible for your own (you expected us to say this bit !).

If you’ve got any questions at all, just ask!

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