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Membership costs £15.00 per year and runs from the 1st April to the 31st March.
If you join after the 1st October the cost drops to £7.50.

The easiest way to join is via our club page on the British Cycling web site. The button below will take you to that page. They charge a non-refundable admin fee of £1.00.

They will also offer you British Cycling Ride membership for £17.50, which is half price. It is optional and you are very welcome to be a member of HWB without being a British Cycling member.

We are very happy for non-members to join us on our monthly "Introduction to Group Riding" rides. These are a short social ride aimed at people who are new to club riding and want to see what it's all about.

If you wish to move on from that to our longer rides, we are happy for you to do so without becoming a member for one month from your first weekly club ride or for 3 rides, depending on which comes first. Please introduce yourself to the ride leader when you do, so they are aware that you are joining us for the first time.

Join today and your membership will expire on the 31st March 2018

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